We formulate and produce ultra high purity Silica based advanced materials for the pharmaceuticals and electronics markets

Silica as a carrier for API

Through years of research and development by coordinating a team of leading chemists and pharmaceutical excipient and advanced delivery experts, we have transformed the use of Silica as a leading excipient for the delivery of APIs. Our ultra high purity Silica has been specifically designed as an enhanced carrier for APIs and is morphologically ideal to load drugs into its porous structure. This results in improved absorption of APIs in the human body. Additionally our ultra high purity Silica exceeds pharmacopeia quality standards.

Ultra high purity silicon carbide

Silicon Carbide has become the new frontier in the electronics industry thanks to its speed, high temperature and voltage tolerance in semiconductor applications.

Our ultra high purity Silica is combined with Carbon in an innovative and proprietary process that allows the creation of Silicon Carbide (SiC) powder of ultra high purity (4N). This is ideal for crystal growth applications and SiC based wafer production.

About us

We are a group of very experienced scientists and researchers that have spent jointly more than half a century working in the fields of inorganic chemistry, drug delivery by innovative carries and semiconductor crystal growth. We have found a breakthrough in the production of ultra high purity Silica based materials and can customize the nano characteristics of the molecules to fit the most advanced applications.

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